Mother’s Day means I Spawned

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you wonderful women who bravely spawned, especially the Autism Moms. Unlike salmon, we just couldn’t roll over and die after depositing our offspring on this Earth. Nope, we’ve had to learn, adapt and fight for our tadpoles. Therefore, here’s my salute to some special people that make this day special to me.

To my mother, I love you! My mom, or her alter-ego Grandma, is the most loving, patient and kind female on the planet. She’s in many ways a better person than I am. Without her love and support, I don’t know if I would have survived all these years of diagnoses, therapies, and fraying tempers. She has been a psychologist, maid, babysitter, and crisis intervention worker. It is due to her dedication to the survival of her DNA that my children are still alive today. Bravo Grandma…read more at


Party like a Penguin: the Ups and Downs of turning 12

My son turned 12 years old recently. I wish it was all happiness and rainbows, rather than a week of ups and downs; highs and lows; and tears and laughter. Mostly, it was an emotional journey that broke and restored my faith in human compassion.

To begin the celebrations, we scheduled our annual bowling party. C invited about six kids in his class that he feels are his friends. The invitations requested parents to rsvp by a certain date. We waited, and waited, and…waited. Nobody called. Worried by this seemingly frosty reception, I warned my son that it didn’t look like any of his friends could attend. However, this happened in previous years and usually a few kids just show up. Not knowing what to do, we proceeded as planned…read more at

Girl Power! Martial Arts isn`t just for Boys

Remember the days of Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris and the Karate Kid? Days when martial arts was primarily presented as a boy’s sport. Maybe I’m dating myself, but if you walked in to a martial arts class in the 80’s and 90’s, the vast majority of students were male. Today, times have changed. Girls are now close to 50 percent of students at my children’s martial arts centre. Girl Power!

Why do I think girls should learn martial arts? Well, let’s imagine if Sandy had her Black Belt. When Danny got too grabby at the driven-in, she would have used her self-defence training to put Danny boy in his place. Also, let’s not get started with what Princess Leia could have done with a lightsaber. Darth would have thought twice about kidnapping her…read more at

World Autism Day!

Celebrate your Accomplishments on World Autism Day.

Today is World Autism Day! When I look back at when we started the Autism journey over a decade ago, I realize how far we’ve come. I say we because Autism effects more than just the ASD child, its’ impact resonates throughout the entire family dynamic. It’s a stick of dynamite that slowly burns then sparks in big explosions before receding once again…read more at

ABA King and Acute Behavioural Angst

In Autism land, parents eventually follow the path to the fated ABA or Applied Behavioural Analysis therapy. It’s great. It works. However, Acute Behavioural Angst is the side effect that parents generally suffer.

Acute Behavioural Angst is a condition of extreme stress invoked by parenting an Autism child during their ABA therapy. It starts with tension in the shoulders and neck, progressing to exhaustion and migraines. Treatment involves deep breathing exercises and long walks alone; though locking yourself in the bathroom with your iPad for half an hour is also beneficial. Don’t worry! This condition is temporary and disappears after the ABA adjustment period ends…read more at

Septoplasty for a Deviant Septum

I’ve been off-blog for a few months. First, we had our regular rounds of winter colds, depressions and hibernations. Also, I was very, very patiently dreading…er…waiting for my Septoplasty. Yes, I had a naughty septum whose deviant path resulted in surgery.

Having a rather European nose, I was hoping to slip in some rhinoplasty as well. Why not make it perfect, right? Well, turns out in this age of modern ethics and accountability, boo to the auditors, you just can’t slip rhino in with septo. Therefore, I will breath freely with my nose as European as ever…read more at

The ABA Jedi: Behaviour Analysis and the Force

Soon, we are starting another round of ABA, or Applied Behaviour Analysis, as part of Autism therapy. It’s been a whole two years since our last ABA block, which is far too long. This time, we’re trying to incorporate perspective as it relates to social interactions. Think of behaviour as the Force and ABA as Jedi training.

How does ABA work? Essentially, it is a very scientific therapy method using fact gathering, incidence occurrence, and a rewards system to train young Autistic Padawans on the path to the Light. As Master Yoda says, “a Jedi’s strength flows from the Force. But beware of the dark side. Anger, fear, aggression; the dark side of the Force are they. Easily they flow, quick to join you in a fight.” In my son’s existence, truer words have never been spoken by any species in the universe…read more at